Steel Prince Comic

Set in the world of Shades of Magic, the Steel Prince follows Maxim Maresh before he was king. When he’s exiled by his father to Verose, a lawless city on the coast, Maxim will have dark magic, fearsome pirates, and his own soldiers.

The Steel Prince comic is told over three arcs. Each arc consists of four issues.

Arc I: The Steel Prince
Arc II: The Night of Knives
Arc III: The Rebel Army


Arc I: The Steel Prince

Available collected in a graphic novel, or as four individual issues


Issue #1:
(4 alternate covers)

In a gaslamp world where magicians navigate alternate realities, Prince Maxim pursues a dark version of his beloved Red London. Banished from court, he refuses to surrender his quest – and faces worse than exile!

Issue #2:
(2 alternate covers)

Harried by assassins and secrets, banished for his pursuit of a forbidden alternate London, the Red Prince Maxim finds himself in the court of the Pirate Queen of the Blood Coast!


Issue #3:
(2 alternate covers)

Prince Maxim, heir to Red London, is short on allies – and faced with the Pirate Queen of the Blood Coast!


Issue #4:
(2 alternate covers)

The Red King Maxim is known to readers worldwide as a humorless, wise ruler – but in his youth, it was quite a different story. Exiled, betrayed, and cast adrift, the young heir to Red London finally earns a new title: The Steel Prince!


Arc II: Night of Knives

Graphic novel now available for preorder! Also still available as four individual issues.


Issue #5:
(3 alternate covers)

Every thug and thief on the Blood Coast is out to get Maxim Maresh, but the exiled prince of Red London has a perfect plan: join the Night of Knives, an annual trial sure to prove his mettle!

The only problem? Almost no-one survives the night…


Issue #6:
(2 alternate covers)

Prince Maxim Maresh delves deeper below the streets of Verose, to face a night of deadly trials that will test him to his limits!


Issue 7:
(2 alternate covers)

Prince Maxim’s deadly trials intensify in the darkness below Verose, where the Steel Prince must risk his very mind to claim victory!


Issue #8:
(2 alternate covers)

Prince Maxim risks his life in the deadly trials of the Night of Knives!



Arc III: The Rebel Army


Issue 9 – coming soon!
(3 alternate covers)

Exiled from Red London, the arrogant Prince Maxim Maresh has overcome a pirate queen and the Night of Knives in the smuggler-city of Verose. With war on the horizon, the Steel Prince must earn his name and rip the heart from a rebel army!

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